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The Benefits of Pre-Planning

Planning your funeral and letting your preferences be known in advance is a thoughtful act of consideration for your family. Upon losing a loved one, family members often feel overwhelmed, upset and confused and having your wishes known is a final gift that will make things easier for them. Those left behind will have peace of mind of knowing that they have honored and followed your wishes.

It is possible to either Pre-Plan a funeral and let your final wishes be known, Or Pre-Plan and pre-pay, relieving your family of the financial responsibilities of the funeral.

Click here to use our online pre-planning form to:
•  Record your funeral wishes for your family members when the need arises

•  Provide basic information to begin pre-planning now

Feel free to call and make an appointment if you are more comfortable meeting in person.

The advantage of Pre-Planning is that it allows you to consider and research your choices calmly and without pressure and time constraints. You will feel a sense of satisfaction at having provided for the emotional and financial welfare of the ones left behind. Instead of worrying about funeral planning, your family and friends can focus on consoling and supporting each other at their time of loss.

The benefit of Pre-Payment is the peace of mind of knowing that your estate and family members will not be burdened with funeral expenses. Pre-paying can also save you money, as you lock in today’s prices with your funds safely protected in a trustee account. Call us to learn more about trustee accounts.

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